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Please have your Case Number & PCM-ID available

Also Windows 8 and 8.1 Operating System is supported. NOTE: Please refer to
"Recommended System and Software Configurations"

NOTE: Windows 10 is an unreleased technical preview that won't be officially supported until next year. Please do not install Windows 10 until advised to do so.

Upgrade scheduled for December 9, 2014

NCPTC will be observing Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday on Monday 1/19/2015. Our offices will be closed!

1) Machine Set up [Click Here for Pre-Installation Instruction & Recommended Configurations/Software]

2) SelectEmail [Click Here to Learn More about and to Create Your Personalized Email Address]

3) only if directed...

- Software Upgrade [Click Here to Upgrade the Monitoring Software]

- Software Installation [Click Here if You Were Directed to Install Monitoring Software]

- Biometric [Click Here if You Were Directed to Biometric Instructions]

4) payments

- Computer Monitoring [Click here for Creating/Canceling Subscriptions and One-Time Payments]

- Cell Phone Management [Click Here for Managinig Your Cell-phone Payments]

5) help & Support [Click Here for Troubleshooting Tips, Free Utilities and Technical Support]

- NCPTC Handbook [Click Here to View the NCPTC Handbook]

- Emergency Support [Click Here only if Directed]

To Schedule a live assist click This Link  using Eastern. time Use the example below when scheduling:


To contact NCPTC, please call (855) 855-NCPTC - [(855) 855-6278]

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