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1) Machine Set up [Click Here for Pre-Installation Instruction & Recommended Configurations/Software]

2) SelectEmail [Click Here to Learn More about and to Create Your Personalized Email Address]

3) only if directed...

- Software Upgrade [Click Here to Upgrade the Monitoring Software]

- Software Installation [Click Here if You Were Directed to Install Monitoring Software]

- Biometric [Click Here if You Were Directed to Biometric Instructions]

4) payments

- Computer Monitoring [Click here for Creating/Canceling Subscriptions and One-Time Payments]

- Cell Phone Management [Click Here for Managinig Your Cell-phone Payments]

5) help & Support [Click Here for Troubleshooting Tips, Free Utilities and Technical Support]

- NCPTC Handbook [Click Here to View the NCPTC Handbook]

- Emergency Support [Click Here only if Directed]

To Schedule a live assist click This Link  using Eastern. time Use the example below when scheduling:


To contact NCPTC, please call (855) 855-NCPTC - [(855) 855-6278]

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